About Tram




Who we are?


Tram is an Object Theatre company based out of New Delhi & Mumbai, India.

Formed in 2011 as Tram Theatre with the aim to specialize in Object Theatre in India, the group was registered as a not-for-profit arts organization under the name of Tram Arts Trust in 2015. Tram builds its artistic work in order to explore the world of ‘theatre with objects’, to experiment its possibilities in collaboration with various other art forms, to create new, fun, out-of-the-box, experimental, reflective and evocative theatre of objects and to constantly evolve our vocabulary of what all object theatre can be.

At the foundation of Tram Arts Trust is the endeavor to surprise (ourselves and our audiences)! To challenge the notions of sacrosanct and profane, of special and ordinary, of hierarchies and egalitarianism.

That is why objects are our co-actors and any place the space for theatre!

If you are wondering 'What is Object Theatre'?

Branching out of puppetry, Object Theatre uses everyday, ordinary, found objects as a mode of communication. The symbolic, and hidden poetry unexpectedly found in objects is the foundation on which object theatre builds itself.

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