Digital Edition 1.0

Nov / Dec 2021

Presented by CSMVS Children’s Museum and the Tram Arts Trust

Supported by the Bank of America

Why Thing-a-magic ?

A festival celebrating Object Theatre from around the world. Digitally.

Ordinary objects are intrinsic parts of our lives, realities and memories. They are representative of our very human conditions. And often poetry hides inside them. An Object theatre performance can unleash this poetry and reveal to the viewer the magic lying within the ordinary! The magic of seeing yourself reflected in a little ordinary object that usually lies forgotten in a corner of your house. And because objects belong to everyone, the stories they tell are everyone’s too. To be met by each viewer with their own power of associations. So, are the ordinary really so ordinary? That is the fundamental question !


What’s Thing-a-magic?


Thing-a-magic will bring to Indian audiences handpicked and loved object theatre performances from around the world, in 3 formats:
- Recordings of performances that were performed to a live audience.
- Performances created for digital viewing, performed LIVE on an online platform.
- Performances created or adapted for digital viewing, Recorded.

Post show interactions.

Each performance will create a space for an interaction between the artists & the audience. In the digital world, this is the way we bring audiences & performers closer to re-live the theatre experience.


There will also be workshops for the young & adult audiences.

Behind the Curtains.

A guided talk on the-making-of a performance. For young object theatre artists, for those making a start in the art form, for those in applied arts fields, and for all those interested to know how an object theatre performance evolves from concept to stage, this will be an artist’s experience.


A conversation with objects and words on the history, practice, techniques & philosophies of Object Theatre.


Who’s Thing-a-magic?

Thing-a-magic, the International Object Theatre Festival of India will be organized by CSMVS Children’s Museum and the Tram Arts Trust. The CSMVS Children's Museum is supported by Bank of America.

Thing-a-magic is the successor of the national object theatre festival ‘Fairytales Retold’ mentored, curated and virtually presented by Tram Arts Trust in Dec 2020, and re-hosted by CSMVS in Jan 2021.

Images from the national festival can be seen on Tram’s Instagram & Facebook pages.


CSMVS Children's Museum

Supported by Bank of America

CSMVS is a premier art and history museum in the country, with around 70,000 art objects in various mediums, housed inside a UNESCO World Heritage site. The building's architecture is the unique Indo-Saracenic style, also integrating a charbagh-style garden and recently, a Children's Museum built as organic architecture near a 95-year old baobab tree. The Museum is a Grade I heritage building and a (IGBC) platinum certified Green Building. Dedicated to education and outreach, CSMVS completes its first centenary as a public museum in 2022. The Objective of the Children’s Museum is to offer unique and creative cultural experiences for children, young adults and the child in everyone and help them develop a critical perspective towards life and co-existance with nature and people.
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Tram Arts Trust

Formed in 2011, Tram Arts Trust is an Object Theatre Company based out of Mumbai & New Delhi; dedicated towards experimenting, playing, disseminating & popularizing Object Theatre in India. We build our artistic work in order to explore the world through the ‘theatre of objects’; To explore its vocabulary of telling stories with the most ordinary things; to create new, fun, out-of-the-box, experimental, reflective and evocative theatre with ‘things’ generally considered quite unremarkable... And to spread the magic of this quirky, deeply profound art form, in India! Besides creating plays, Tram conducts workshops & training programmes for theatre professionals, for children & arts based practitioners; Objects in Pedagogy workshops for educators; and especially designed object theatre engagements for NGOs and organisations within social development sectors. Tram Arts Trust is possibly India’s first Object theatre company.
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